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Arizona Homebrewers Journal

A Homebrew and Craft Beer Journal of Phoenix, Arizona

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I ordered these notebooks after stumbling on them at and they have arrived! These books are great; they’re a wonderful combination of design and functionality. This pocket-sized notebook, developed by BS Brewing (a “Portland, Oregon homebrewing and extreme food collective”),  has perfectly laid out pages to allow beer geeks to keep track of what they’re drinking (something that becomes a bigger challenge throughout the night).

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Finally tried the Shark Attack Double Red from Port Brewing in San Marcos, CA. The 9.5% abv beer is described as a “classic West Coast-style imperial red ale.” This was a big, chewy beer with lots of hops to follow. It was a very rich treat.

On another note, Monday I turned in my gear and my badge from my job as a newspaper photographer. With a little practice, I think I’d be pretty happy photographing beer all the time.

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If you’re not fortunate enough to have a kegerator next to your couch and you’ve missed place your key chain opener, this could be a handy gadget for the couch potato.

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Handy. But my first thought: what do you do when you lose the remote?

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I have a handy page-a-day desk calendar, 365 Bottles of Beer for the Year copyright by Charlie Papazian and Amahl Turczyn Scheppach and published by Workman Publishing Company. Each day brings a profile of a different beer along with a brewery profile, homebrew clone recipe or an interesting beer fact. I really like today’s beer fact about Palo Santo, the wood used to age Dogfish Head’s delicious Palo Santo Marron.

“Also used for the fermentation of wine, Palo Santo, aka ‘Verawood,’ has been burned as incense since ancient times by the Incas and Peruvians, who believe in its power to purify and ward off spirits; its scent is thought by many to have a relaxing effect.”

I think I could use more Palo Santo in my life.

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I’d love to share the video right here, but doesn’t support video unless you pay a whole lot for the “upgrade.” So follow the link below to see Arizona Society of Homebrewers member Glen Walker give a presentation on the Kölsch beer style during the March meeting in Tempe, Ariz. For more information on ASH homebrew club, visit

Beer Styles: Kölsch Video, click here from Thomas Boggan on Vimeo.

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IPA meets scotch barrels in this malt beverage from the upstart Scotland brewey, Brew Dog. I’ve enjoyed the beer/scotch combination with beers in the past, although those were all dark, roasty, chocolatly, full body beers.

My approach to this unique beer is to sit back and take it in for what it is. Update after the jump.

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